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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Endorsements For Barack Obama, Scott Brown, And House Candidate Richard Tisei (R, Mass): End Gridlock!

Continually high levels of risk and uncertainty have caused American business to retain trillions of dollars on its balance sheets, rather than supporting further economic growth through reasoned investments in new facilities, equipment, markets, and people. It is Washington’s failure to deal with our budget and debt crises that has prolonged this perennial state of uncertainty, and is the root-cause for our ever-stagnant economy.
Political gridlock is the chief reason why we see underwhelming employment gains; underperforming markets; why America is not leading the world out of recession, and why a far deeper recession looms in 2013 as Washington fails to craft meaningful bipartisan legislation dealing squarely with fiscal crises.  
Blame this outrageous state of gridlock on both parties, and in equal portions. Leaders of both sides, when given the opportunity, have lacked the courage to collaborate, to forge compromise and govern for the greater good.  When this country returns to effective, good governance, everyone’s fortunes will improve.
The greatest power that we have is the power to vote. In my state of Massachusetts, I will vote for Republican Scott Brown over Elizabeth Warren in this pivotal US Senate race. He has proven his ability to work across the aisle and maintains a balanced approach and voting record.  America – including Democrats - must retain this voice in the Republican Party to help move the country beyond the politics of polarization. Electing Warren would in my view exacerbate the problem.
I’ll also vote Republican in our congressional race, supporting Richard Tisei over eight term incumbent Democrat John Tierney.  The way I see things, Mr. Tierney has become part of the problem. He votes with his party ninety nine percent of the time. Highly partisan legislators ensure continuation of the current status quo, which is actually harming - not helping - the 99%.  Tisei does seem to have a mind of his own and will be a better caretaker of the peoples’ seat than John Tierney has lately been.
I am certain that the first two years of a Romney administration will be much like President Obama’s were: payback time for the over-invested special interests that backed him. While many folks might think this to be only fair, I for one don’t want to live through it again. A Romney presidency in my view will further polarize American society, and most importantly, prolong our perennial state of political gridlock.
I believe that a second Obama term would be much better than the first. I define "better" as governing more from the center, from the start, a place where Mr. Romney might like to be but where he'll be unable to go during his first two years, at least. But governing from the center (e.g., moving past gridlock through compromise) is what the Moderate Middle Majority of America wants. A second Obama term will be better able to forge compromise in Washington, though it must be supported by courageous, even rebellious, center-right Republicans like Scott Brown (and Richard Tisei) who must be prepared to demand and defend the need for compromise, rather prolonging the current condition.
The word legacy has been used little during this campaign. But that perhaps will be what defines a second Obama term - what he'll think about most.  He will seek to secure his legacy as one who promised hope and change - for the betterment of a larger swath of the American social fabric. He will be intent on delivering on this promise. That is exactly what most of America should hope for, too. 

Chris Stockwell
Tweets @ CentristsUnite 

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