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Monday, November 21, 2011

Supercommitteee Failure: Silent Middle Must Rise Up

Gridlock has brought America to this very dark period in her history. The debt-crisis debacle has surely proved to all reasonable Americans that our legislative processes are crippled by the loud, powerful, bullying voices of the far right, and the far left. Each is responsible. The silent middle has been overwhelmed by the boisterous rabble of the fringes and their well-organized, self-interested, over-invested support structures. Civility is now “officially” dead. Bipartisanship means weakness. Loyal opposition is passé. The greatest system of government the world has ever seen has been hijacked. And the middle watches from the sidelines.
We must call upon America’s center majority to rise up and be heard. The center must generate that same passion that we have seen from the farther right and the farther left, bringing America’s middle both form and purpose to force healthy dialogue and lasting change. America’s leaders must possess the courage to cooperate. Center-left and center-right voters, joined together by country — not by party or selfish interest — must elect new leaders locally and nationally if those in power today do not heed our call.
Fledgling Centrist movements (like this one) will soon bring form, purpose and passion to America’s middle majority. We must encourage formation of a broad coalition to raise our voice and create an overwhelming response to end the gridlock and bring bipartisanship, reason and progress back to American government and politics. Please take time from your busy life to consider how you can help move your country and end the gridlock. A 20-page booklet that we have produced can be viewed/downloaded at www.AmericanCentrist.US. It paints a picture of what many might see as a better America for the 100 percent, and suggests ways that you can help. Please share this message with colleagues, family and friends during this holiday season and throughout the 2012 election year. Want a printed booklet? Email us and provide address information. Finally, please follow us on Twitter @CentristsUnite 

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