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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SC Moderates, Stand Up And Be Heard!

South Carolina moderates - Republicans, Democrats, independents - the evidence is clear that government led by the fringes (both the far left, and the far right) simply brings gridlock. We hope that you set a strong example for the rest of your country: move this great nation back to center, and away from the fringes. 
The "middle majority" has listened patiently to the loud, self-centered, and over-invested voices of the far right and the far left. They have achieved both great fame and power in our time. And, they are jointly and equally responsible for the dark place America finds itself in today. Both fringes’ stands have proven to be intractable. This is no way to govern responsibly.

Leaders from both sides will not share power unless forced - or emboldened - to go against strong, vested fringe interests through (a) the court of public opinion and (b) at the voting booth. The fringes do not want you, America’s moderate middle majority, to rise up and be heard, but rather rely on your continued silence.
The fringes will continue to fight for their issues on their terms for as long as we will allow them, keeping progress from our reach and assuring a splintered center devoid of form or purpose.  The usually silent middle majority - those who see themselves somewhat left or right of center and away of either fringe - needs to speak plainly. Have you not been spoken to plainly by the fringes for years now, while observing divisive stands supported by faulty logic? The eyes of the nation are now upon South Carolina. Bring your demands for bipartisanship and leadership from the center to the candidates, and to all Americans through the media. Question faulty logic. Stand up for your convictions (which are right and proper). Show your conviction with your vote. This will embolden all candidates to move to the middle, and that is what American government and politics needs most. 

Which Republican candidate do you think will govern from the center? Here is what Centrists - Democrats, Republicans, unaffiliated - might often feel about what is fast becoming the most important issue of our time: governance. Good governance. Note: only when good governance (emanating from both sides of the aisle) returns to Washington D.C. will America's economy dramatically improve, bringing new jobs and improved market conditions for all. Until then, we will tread water. We hope that you vote for the candidates (presidential, congressional) who you believe most identify with often held Centrist beliefs:

We understand that single-issue litmus testing is often the weapon of the self-interested, the often over-invested. We see a bigger picture. We connect things. Broad, not linear thinking, is essential in good governing. 

We do not fear the future. We learn from the past but do not yearn for it. Instead, we are inspired by the promise of tomorrow.

We understand that moving to a better tomorrow requires compromise during the process. That way, more can participate in building that better tomorrow. (If you do not believe in compromise, you are plainly not counted among us.)

We want debate, not to win, but rather to find best ideas and solutions, often formed through spirited conversations that inter-mingle issues and ideas from many sides, that when brought together, create better solutions.

We do not serve to glorify ourselves, our name, our family, our business, or our own personal legacy. We serve our country, all its citizens, and respect its institutions.

We support candidates based on their demonstrated good character, and rational, collaborative approaches to solving society’s greatest issues. Such rational approaches must include effective listening and even compromise during debate. Inability to compromise stalls forward movement, harming all, the antithesis of good governing.

We dare to envision a profoundly different and better world for all. We believe that great change can occur. Great changes have occurred throughout time. We seek to bring about great change in this, our time; not to stand still or step backward.

We believe America to be that greatest beacon of liberty, of human rights, of cooperative government and goodness. 

All people, regardless of country, color or creed, want these things of which America is so proud - freedom, liberty, opportunity, hope. America’s promise has made it harder and harder for the cruel, the ruthless, the narcissists, the treacherous, to rule. The Soviet bloc is long dead. The Great Spring is upon the Middle East. The days of the ruthless are numbered. Our beacon of liberty and goodness must continue to brightly shine to show the way for all nations.

We understand that change is constant. Our world, our institutions, our thinking, must evolve - in positive, not radical, or reactionary - ways. The voices of reason must be loudest of all. These voices must lead change. 
We must fight back and overwhelm the fringes by November. The fight must be launched from the middle, outward. We must demand, event protest for bipartisanship and governing from the center. That is what our families and our financial markets seek.  Good government led from the center will reduce market uncertainty and increase consumer and business confidence. Greater confidence in our society, government institutions and market outlook will result in sustained private sector growth and expansion, new jobs, and an improved housing market, leading to increased revenue for a much smaller, more streamlined government. 

Hardened positions, however courageous and righteous they might appear, have brought us to this dark place. We must be as aggressive and just as righteous in demanding bipartisanship behavior from both sides. This will give great strength, form and purpose to the center, enabling progress on the important issues of the day. Bipartisanship forces compromise. Our leaders must have the courage to compromise.

For more information, go to Download our 20 page booklet “An Urgent Call” at the web site, or email us for your own printed copy(ies). Register and stay updated at Follow this movement on Twitter @CentristsUnite 

Forward this link to your friends and colleagues. Thank you. 

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