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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Government broken

Most reasonable citizens believe that the relationship between the legislative and executive branches of the federal government is now fundamentally broken. It is time to blame both parties.
The voices of the far right and the far left are heard loudly today – fringe elements who have in recent years achieved much fame and power, and who today rule debate. Reasonable voices have been silenced. Demands and threats by leaders whose duty is to represent the many - but who in fact today represent a relative few - have overpowered the voices of reason, dismantling the greatest system of government the world has ever known.
During the failed debt ceiling debate of 2011, both parties crafted their own unimaginative plans, after “negotiations” failed. A posturing, offensive, take-no-prisoners mentality took over the day; vision, true duty and service forgotten. A date, known months in advance, was met as the clock struck twelve. Careers were on the line – the future of a President and his ability to lead the nation that elected him; a House Speaker, a Senate Majority leader, top aides and lieutenants, wannabe presidential candidates looking for their angle; lobbyists, the media... what political theatre! The result is a failure of historic proportions - a train wreck.
The silent middle has been overwhelmed by the boisterous rabble of the fringe. Political animals. Well organized. Well- funded. Self-interested. Over-invested. And most of all, not particularly interested in you or your well being.
It is clear that history will not speak well of this time. Civility is dead. Self-interest now rules. The system is broken. Our America has entered a dark period in her history.
She surely calls upon reasonable citizens like you to rise up, and to be heard.

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