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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The root of so much misfortune, with huge and burdensome associated social and monetary costs. Prejudice rears its ugly head in many ways, principal among them: racism. Many centrists will believe that black Americans are often unable to fully advance and contribute in America because of continued prejudice against them based on ignorance, fear, and silent indifference. But, our greatest potential as a nation lies in improving the opportunities and possibilities for all of our citizens. 

We should not turn our eyes from continued human injustice. We should instead seek transformative solutions to improve our entire society. We must act. Many believe that such transformative investments at the source of the problem offer far greater potential returns than the ongoing indifference that simply ensures a downward spiral of (a) hopelessness, leading to (b) expensive social programs, to (c) violence-related costs, to (d) addiction-related costs, and to (e) incarceration- related costs. Our American States will be crippled by such costs until we find transformative solutions.

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