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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Supporting faith-based organizations and other non-profits

Government’s partner as we care for the sick and the marginalized in a time of necessarily smaller government. Our citizens will need to become even more generous with their time and money in our communities, and not expect (smaller) government to do more. Good people, good families, and good institutions, not government programs alone, are the solution for the care of some of our most marginalized or neediest populations.

We recognize the enormous importance and reach of religious and other non-profit organizations, and see them as partners in providing for those in need and deserving of support. These organizations will need greater funding through more generous private giving by corporations and citizens to make up for what government will surely remove. 

Faith-based organizations and other non-profits should have greater presence and exposure in our communities. 

Many centrists believe that we all must support the resurgence of these organizations in our society and even in our own lives.

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