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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Defining the Centrist Movement

A Singular Belief - Progress
Most Americans who consider themselves somewhat left or somewhat right on the political spectrum share at least one thing in common: we believe in progress. This certainly does not mean that most would define themselves as a “Progressives.” However, those who do not seek general progress - advancement - in our culture and society, in politics, and in economics, together, are surely not represented among us.
Progress is that singular issue that most of us are able to rally around; where we take our stand – our litmus test. Our passion is to improve lives, over time, in a responsible and sustainable manner. Improving lives includes assuring freedom, safety, dignity, and opportunity.
We further believe that progress is not an entitlement. We are all called to work hard to justly deserve that which is given to us. It needs to be earned, not given.
We believe that real progress is driven by gifted leadership. We believe that the great leaders seek progress for the many, not just for those sharing similar belief systems, or social or cultural backgrounds.
Our leaders are called to lead all people. Can this not be the case?
We seek to create a better tomorrow, without fear of what tomorrow will bring. We do not wish for things to remain as they are, or to move backwards. The world is ever changing. New generations replace old. New challenges loom that must be dealt with smartly.

There are personal traits that must stand the test of time, span the generations, and must define our generation and America’s leaders, chief among them honesty, integrity, character, respect for self and others, fairness, wisdom.
Americans like us likely understand that to achieve the great things, people and groups must come together, bound by a greater purpose and vision, and unbound from the evils of self-interest.

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