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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A new vision for America's armed forces

Bring to this world a great peace in our time. Our chief enemies’ armies (terrorists) are scattered and in decline thanks to our brave citizens in uniform. Nazi Germany is dead, thanks be to God. The Soviet Union is a memory. China is not now nor will ever will be our mortal enemy, how intertwined is their economy with America and the entire world. The Arab Spring saw corrupt nations overthrown by their own people seeking freedom and dignity.North Korea and Iran are pathetic and failing states, nations with short life expectancy in an historical context, with tremendous systemic weakness... The United States of America has been that beacon of liberty and strength that has helped all of this come to pass.
As long as there is evil, as long as there is greed, narcissism and men with mental illness who crave power, there will be conflict. However, the role of the military can change as the enemy changes. The best strategy to win the battles of tomorrow will be to win the hearts of the downtrodden in those lands ruled by the ruthless. The best offense is to create opportunity for improved lives. We can change the role of the armed forces over time from war fighting to building bridges of opportunity for people everywhere. We can do this while continuing to defend America and our vital interests from our vanishing foes.
Our citizens join the United States armed forces based on their fierce patriotism; to protect our nation, to keep the peace, to do great things with their lives and for others, and to find and create opportunity for themselves and their families. Many centrists hope that our brave soldiers in uniform can bring to this world a great peace in our time, and we believe that they will be up to this most noble cause. What better mission could there be?

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